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Voice talents, voice artists, voice actors – different terms for the same thing; voice over professionals.


We have over 1,400 voice over talents in our database. All of them are highly qualified,

You’ll know a Voice To Me voice over talent by these characteristics:experienced native voice over professionals living in their native countries which ensures a contemporary, hands-on approach to local culture and mindset– aspects, which all have great impact on pronunciation, articulation and overall tone of voice – be it colloquial or business language.

  • Professional voice over experience (min. three years)
  • Professional studio setup
  • Editing/post production skills
  • Best sound quality
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Top delivery performance
  • Instant availability
  • High efficiency/low retake rates

Recommended voice over talents

Recommended voice over talents are contracted voice over professionals with whom we have a close collaboration. Recommended voice over talents are the top listed voice over professionals indicated by a star.

Fast turnaround for your voice over project

See the star icon symbolizing our recommended voice over talents as a “cut to the chase” indicator. We do not have to negotiate a price for each individual inquiry.
Due to our market leading position, frame agreements with our recommended voice over talents not only entail surprisingly attractive rates and fast delivery they also ensure fast quotes and exact price estimation which allow you to make immediate and dependable cost estimates on your project.

Best value voice over recordings

As within most other industries, basic business textbook rules prevail: when volumes go up, prices go down. This is why our recommended voice over talents are your best value choice. 9 out 10 clients choose our recommended voice over talents for their projects.

Voice over first takes are our specialty

Our voice over talents know the name of the game. They have years of experience in adapting style and feel to your requirements. You’ll be surprised just how precisely they’re able to nail the right tone of voice without tedious instructions and numerous retakes.

Zero time-waste on voice file editing

All voice over talents are experienced audio engineers and post producers. This limits time wasting processes as your audio files won’t need to go through tons of delaying steps if you need additional editing, file splitting etc. Ordering voice overs at Voice To Me is a one step process.

Only active voice over talents

You won’t find idle profiles in our database. If voice over talents do not report back on inquiries or turn down assignments they’re removed from our database. That’s why you can always count of the “goods” we have on display.